The QBRIX 3D puzzle is an original cardboard construction set that will fit perfectly into any interior. The 3D puzzle is easy to assemble, just squeeze the pre-cut parts out of the sheets and connect them.

Each set includes instructions showing step by step how to position the bases and how to put the pieces together.

The result will be a three-dimensional interior figure made of cardboard, which you can paint as you wish with spray paint.

The many models include busts of famous people and characters as well as cute animals that kids will love.

The creative set will be a great gift for fans of constructors and modeling, it allows to develop fine motor skills, patience and concentration.

The process of assembling will please everyone, regardless of age. Build your entire QBRIX model collection!

Each pack comes with simple instructions. The pieces on the cardboard are already cut out and numbered, all you have to do is take them out and put them together with the wooden bases. Study the instructions carefully.

It clearly shows the correct positioning of the bases and the order in which the parts are to be assembled. Some models have elements that need to be glued, for this we recommend using ordinary paper and cardboard glue.

The parts are sturdy enough, you can carefully remove them from the base and put them on in the correct order. If you have any difficulties with assembly, email us at info@qbrix.me and we'll be sure to help.

Yes, it is very easy to assemble. As it is made from organic materials and does not require scissors to assemble it, it is safe for children. We have all the necessary certificates. The recommended age is 6+.

It all depends on the speed of assembly, on average it takes around 30-40 minutes.

The construction set consists of cardboard parts and plywood base sheet. We have our own production facility in Russia, where we make and complete all set components.

We recommend using the QBRIX airbrush or spray paint.

We take great care in our packaging, but if you do encounter a problem, just email us at info@qbrix.me and we'll solve it!

If you can't find an answer to your question, email us at: info@qbrix.me

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