The QBRIX photo mosaic is the Year’s novelty!

It is a unique mosaic that makes it possible to lay out your own picture. No more stereotypical bouquet pictures and long waits to receive your set – without generator you can choose any picture whether that’s you, your cat or even your neighbor from the 3rd floor. The only limit is your imagination!

The QBRIX photo mosaic is available in three colors: ORIGINAL, VINTAGE and POP-ART.

The DIY process is captivating, instructions are very detailed and transparent, crystals in sets are of the best quality!

You can assemble both a horizontal and vertical picture, and thanks to the universal A3 and A4 formats, any photo will fit!

QBRIX Diamond painting kit on magnetic bases is a set of 3 square magnetic bases and crystals that can be assembled in all 3 colors: ORIGINAL, VINTAGE and POP-ART. The finished pictures are the perfect decoration for any metal surface!

You can use any image from cameras, social network, phone or even a printed photo that you’ll be able to scan and upload.

The higher the quality of the chosen picture – the better and detailed the outcome is going to be.

The best option for the picture is a portrait or one or more people with well-visible facial features.

The fewer small details are in the photo – the better result is expected.

The instructions generator will offer you several options for assembling your photo to choose from.

Each set contains an instruction leaflet where you’ll find a unique 9-character code. Entering the code into the generator will let you create and receive assembly instructions to the mentioned e-mail address.

Absolutely! Every set comes with a stylus that you can use to assemble mosaic and to also easily remove crystals when placed wrong.

Everything depends on your assembling speed. On average, it takes about 18–20 hours to assemble an A4 set, 40 hours to assemble an A3 set, and about 10 hours to assemble 1 magnetic base.

To avoid this unlikely situation please carefully read through the free instruction generator about what a crystals’ pattern looks like or use our web-site.

Please check if you have selected the correct set color in the generator. Go to the generator again, check that the set name matches the name on the box.

After instruction is generated – all materials are being deleted immediately.

Our diamond photo mosaic is intended for adults and children aged of 8+. Warning! Make sure children are supervised when assembling as sets contain many small parts.

Please check your SPAM and make sure you have entered your correct e-mail address. You can start the assembling process by downloading a pdf-file from the generator. If you still haven’t received your instructions please contact us via e-mail address info@qbrix.me and we’ll be there for you!

We believe that the essence of QBRIX diamond photo mosaic is it’s assembling process. For this very reason we do not provide such service.

All elements are manufactured of odorless hard acrylic. All required certificates are available.

Our mosaic is not intended to have any blank spaces and should be entirely covered with crystals.

Our mosaics come with square-shaped crystals.

The A4 set includes: scheme printed on canvas with a frame, a glue layer and a protective film, 16000 diamonds (ORIGINAL) and 22000 (VINTAGE, POP-ART), stylus, diamond tray, manual with a code for assembly, wax pad and bags for storing crystals.

The A3 set includes: scheme printed on canvas with a frame, a glue layer and a protective film, 32000 diamonds (ORIGINAL) and 44000 (VINTAGE, POP-ART), 2 styluses, 2 diamond trays, manual with a code for assembly, 2 wax pads and bags for storing crystals.

The set on magnetic bases includes: 3 magnetic bases, 3 styluses, 3 wax pads, 7 plastic trays, manual instruction with a unique code for assembly and 22800 diamonds (19 bags).

Our high-quality crystals are 2.5 mm in diameter for better detailing.

If you can't find an answer to your question, email us at: info@qbrix.me

You can find out more about cooperation by emailing us at: info@qbrix.me