QBRIX Sculptor is a unique 3D constructor that you can use to assemble a model from our catalogue, a phrase, a letter or your own QR-code!

Sculptor is a great gift for children and adults alike! Assemble models and QR-codes, that you can use to tell the world about your interest.

One of the most important features of QBRIX is that you can reassemble the set an infinite number of times without having to pay more.

Examples of the completed models could be found in the social media using #qbrix

QR-code can contain any text information, be it website link, phone number, text or phrase using English letters. The length of the text must not exceed 50 characters!

  • To turn a phone number into a QR code, just enter the numbers in the input field on the generator page, lay out the cubes according to the detailed instructions.
  • To generate a QR code with a link to the site – copy the direct link from the browser, paste it into the input field and assemble it according to our simple instructions!
  • If you want to turn a phrase into a QR – you need to insert the text in English into the input line, get instructions and lay out the cubes.

Ready! Check with your smartphone camera.

The first page of the paper manual contains your unique 9-character code. Enter this code into the qbrix.me online generator, choose what you want to build: a three-dimensional model, a letter, a phrase, or a unique QR. Then you just have to enter your mail and collect the image according to our detailed instructions. You can also print it out if you wish.

Infinitely! Reassemble the Sculptor as many times as you wish, create new 3D art and your QR-codes!

Of course! Send an image that could complement our template gallery to info@qbrix.me and we will be happy to consider your admission!

Of course! Each set has a special tool for detaching parts – a separator. In the paper instructions, we showed how to use it.

Generally, it takes 25 minutes to assemble the 3D model.

We always put 5% more parts of each color than is actually required for the assembly. Nevertheless, if you will encounter such a problem – just write to our e-mail: info@qbrix.me and we will solve it!

Yes, the Sculptor set is suitable for children starting from 8 years old!

Please, check the Spam folder and if you have entered your e-mail correctly on the website. If you still can’t find the instructions, write to us at info@qbrix.me

If you can't find an answer to your question, email us at: info@qbrix.me

You can find out more about cooperation by emailing us at: info@qbrix.me