Paintings by numbers from QBRIX are unique sets that allow you to create any photo with paints in the size of 30×40 cm or 40×50 cm. The larger the set size, the more detailed the picture is.

The sets are universal, and you can choose what to paint after receiving it.

Sets from QBRIX are presented in three colors: ORIGINAL, VINTAGE and POP-ART.

The process of creating a painting is fascinating, the instructions are detailed and simple, and the components in the kits are of the best quality!

You can choose either horizontal or vertical photography. Everything you need is already included.

The set will be a wonderful gift for any occasion for a creative person. You can give it either in a box or a picture already drawn with unique stamp-tassels.

You can use any high-quality image. It doesn’t matter whether it is a photo taken on a camera or mobile phone, scanned or downloaded from the Internet - the main thing is that the image is clear and detailed.

The best option would be a portrait image of one or more people with clearly visible facial features.The instruction generator will offer several options for creating a picture. All you have to do is choose the option you like best.

After receiving the kit, you will find instructions in it with a unique code consisting of 9 characters. Then on our website you enter this code and upload your photo. Our generator will offer you several options for creating your painting. You choose the option you like best, enter your e-mail and instantly receive detailed instructions to the specified address. You can draw a picture from your phone in a convenient generator or print out detailed paper instructions. You can send the instructions to yourself by email no more than three times!

Time to color the picture individually. On average it is 16 hours for the size 30x40 cm or 30 for 40×50 cm.

The set includes: canvas on an MDF stretcher, acrylic paints (7 colors), mount for the finished painting on the wall, a set of stamps for applying paint to canvas, a manual with a unique code for generating photos in the instructions.

You need to wait for the paint to dry, then paint over the applied color with the correct color.

Before purchasing, you can see how your painting by numbers will look in preview mode on our website.

Please check if you have selected the correct set color in the generator. Go into the generator again and make sure that the name of the kit matches the name on the box.

After instruction is generated – all materials are being deleted immediately.

This picture is intended for adults and children over 6 years old. Recommended for children under adult supervision.

Please check your SPAM folder and make sure you have entered your correct email address. You can start the assembling process by downloading a pdf-file from the generator. If you still haven’t received your instructions please contact us via e-mail address info@qbrix.me

We believe that the essence of QBRIX Painting By Numbers is it’s painting process. For this reason we do not sell painted pictures.

Please write to us at info@qbrix.me and we will send you all the missing components!

If you can't find an answer to your question, email us at: info@qbrix.me

You can find out more about cooperation by emailing us at: info@qbrix.me