QBRIX KIDS is a colorful, fascinating construction set that's sure to please kids. Each set contains 12 animal and insect figures, the parts of which can also be used to create a large model. You can assemble cheerful and colorful animals with the help of detailed video instructions, which also tell many interesting facts about the different animals, or with the help of the paper manuals enclosed in every bag.

QBRIX KIDS is an educational constructor, which teaches children concentration, logical thinking and perseverance, and increases their interest in the world around them. The construction set is both a great gift for a child and a fun way to spend an evening with family or friends. You can put together an entire collection of animals and create your own world with them!

Choose your set and the figure you want to assemble on the site. Each bag has a sticker with the name of the animal on it, so you can't go wrong. Start the video and enjoy the process. There are also paper instructions in each bag of parts.

You can assemble either 12 little figures or 1 big one, because it is created from almost all parts in the set, so to assemble it you need to disassemble the little animals beforehand. We took care to make you feel comfortable and added a separator to each set. This way you can choose when and which figures to assemble yourself, access to the video instructions is unlimited in time.

The details are divided into 12 bags – one for each small figure. Each has stickers with the name of the animal on them.

It all depends on the assembly speed, on average you can assemble one small model in 5-10 minutes, and a large one in 30-40 minutes. For each set you will find 2 hours of video content.

Yes, with your help a little child can assemble a constructor QBRIX KIDS, but because of the small parts, it is recommended not to leave the kid without adult supervision. The age limit of the construction set is 6+.

All elements of the construction set are made of odorless hard plastic. All required certificates are available.

We are very careful with the contents of our kits, many of them have spare parts. Nevertheless, if you suddenly encounter such a problem – just email us at info@qbrix.me and we'll solve it!

If you can't find an answer to your question, email us at: info@qbrix.me

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